by Martin Benedek

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This album was recorded between March and April this year. I've been playing these songs for a while until I decided to finally record them. It was recorded with a cellphone and a lot of listen and mix and re-listen and then re-mix and so on. So I've tried to get the sound as closer as i sound live and don't charge the songs too much to keep them as they were from the very beginig. I hope you like it and download it (in .FLAC if you can) Thank You.


released June 3, 2017

Thank you so very much to all the people from here and there supporting this album and all of my music.
from here: Andrea, Lucas, Liam, Adrian, Gabriel, Magalí, Cecilia, Agus, Stanko, Manu, Mora, Gastón, Luciana, Emanuel, Javier, Mariano, Jerri, Leandro and all of You.
from around the world: Alyson, Ellie, Annabelle, Matt, Mary Lou, Mryanne, Amandine, Aliaa, Daniel, Valeria, Johan, John, Ben, Belinda, Di, Danielle, Erin, Beatrice, Zoe and all of You.

Thanks to: Mel and Rebecca for being so helpful and patient with my questions.

Special Thanks to: Emily Palmquist for being so kind and giving me this beautiful artwork, I'm really happy to have a so talented and beautiful person as a friend, and it's quite amazing for me to have an artist that I truly admire as part of this album. Thank you so very much Emily, and if you want to check out more of her beautiful work you can go here:

and J. for all the inspiration.



all rights reserved


Martin Benedek Buenos Aires, Argentina

I'm a Singer/Songwriter based in Argentina.

Thank you so much for listening to my music.

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Track Name: Another Night
I could tell how much you make me smile
but it's the kind of things I just keep inside
let's make some new memories, that's what's all about
I won't let you down.

Don't try to find yourself in another one
that would only disappoint you so bad
just keep being what you feel, what you think is real,
the one I admire.

Just another stage with an open Mic
don't feel bad if you can't sing out loud
take a deep breath and close your eyes
everything is fine, it's just another night.
Just another night.
Track Name: I'm Sorry
The sky was in your eyes when
the trees were kissed by the moon
a tear and a smile and a day
full of nothing to do
the promise I made
is vanishing with the wind
I'm sorry but I'm here

I was cold as a winter morning
with no glimpse from the sun
the burn was inside while the ashes
just covered up my heart
the promise you made
is drowning under the sea
I'm sorry, I'm still here.

And the things I forgot
are the ones I can't trust anymore
and the things you forgive
were the ones that should keep you with me
but then all that we lost
has become the same weakness for us
and We're dying with the stars
We're dying with the stars
Track Name: Don't Want it at All
I've never been the best that you have known
forgive me but I'm runing out of words
we're far apart like we have never been before
but trust me, I don't want it at all

There was a time when everything went wrong
it doesn't mean it'll be like this for long
so if you want to go just tell me, it's not your fault
but trust me, I don't want it at all

Let me tell you what I have to say
Tell me everything I don't understand
and if you think that we can't go on
then leave, but I don't want that at all.
Track Name: Rough Days
I don't want you to say
anything if you won't
there was a silence
and there was a race in your heart
I wish I didn't say that much
dreams are just dreams I forgot,
and as I always said
I really thought that
this would never end
can't take your hand
in these rough days

I don't know how to say
that I miss you a lot
and all the sweetness
that's filling up my heart's not a ghost
I wish i'd never say that much,
those dreams are dying with the sun,
and if I have to say,
I'd say that I'll be here
to just wait until the end
of these rough days

I don't know what to do,
where to go or what to say,
I'm repeatedly playing
to the songs that you sent

I think we're better off today,
and now the days are all the same
but I know it's worth the time
no matter how long
it would take until the end
of these rough days
Track Name: Favorite Season
I know you love the fall
and the fallen leaves
And the scent of an old memory
that we never shared
You know I love the spring,
and your eyes are full of storms,
But I'll keep waiting for the day
I could dry your tears.

And if there's some love
And it's not for us
Then we might just leave
I can't let go of a hand
That I've never held
So I'll keep you
here with me

I know you love the rain
to fall upon your face
And I would love
to touch those lips
That I've never kissed
You know I love the breeze
blowing in your hair
So perfect as a song
That I've never heard

And if there's some love
And it's not for us
Then we might just leave
I can't let go of a hand
That I've never held
So I'll keep you
here with me
Track Name: Song Full of Flowers
I'm lost in a smile
that never was for me
and it's trying to show me
how I'm getting lonely

Hello my new friend
I don't know what I'm waiting for
maybe just a word
maybe a whole world

I know you were there
when my world was collapsing
it's been a disaster
and you took it away.

break through those walls around your town
with all that you love, with all of your heart

look at the stars, sleep for a while
and if you want a brighter day
just open your eyes

hello my sweet dream
now you're all around here
I can give you a song
a song full of flowers.
Track Name: Someday
Don't beg for
miserable words
and put it straight
we don't belong
I said I thought
we were the same
but you're not that bad
and I'm not so safe.

But it was wrong
to walk out on the things
you can't confront
and tear it all apart.

So many things
I can't recall,
and all of those
that you don't want
we never learned
to make it work
I know it's hard
to close that door

And it's completely wrong
to not talk 'bout the things
we've never solved
and never let them gone

Don't get me wrong
I'm not upset
I'm growing up
Someday we'll say
Track Name: Good Night to Being a Loser
I could spill some ink on a paper
I could give it the shape of some words
even write with my tears all these letters
all alone by the moon

There's no time for desperate reasons
there's no reason to call you at all
and I'm reaching the end of this season
with your eyes like the sun

I've been crying so quiet as a whisper
between letters and wine and your words
and this picture that came out from a dream
while you were singing "April come she will"

Good night to being a loser
and goodnight to that beautiful song
I'm just trying to make shorter the distance
'cause I'm tired of being here
Track Name: Get Out
Wanting to shout
but a whisper is all that I have,
I won't tell you nothing
with all of those fuckers around
keep all your things to yourself,
I don't care what you got
and please don't forget that
I'm losing my soul at your side.

But when I ran out on you
You'll disappear from here
I just have to get the hell out.

Smiling at me while
you're speaking shit behind my back,
pushing me far from the limits
I didn't know I had,
You're trying to show me
that everyone's wrong
disguising your lies with the same
cheap old words that I know.

But when I ran out on you
You'll disappear from here
I just have to get the hell out.